Toddler and Parent Dance class Fridays 9:45am- 10:30pm

19 Dec


“Brilliant, fun and energetic class. The class has really brought my boys out of their shell, and my eldest spends all week asking if it’s Friday so we can go dancing! I would absolutely 100% recommend. Fantastic value for money, and means I can get some exercise in too! ” Stephanie

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The newest addition to the Bristol dance scene is DanceMums for toddler, where Svetlana introduces all elements of dance and guides your toddlers and parents to get familiar with their creative movement. 

DanceMums with older toddlers (suitable for toddlers 2.5 years old+ till up to 5).

When: Fridays 28th Feb to Friday 3rd Feb 2020

6 sessions all together= £51 (Paypal fee applies), drop in fee £10

Fridays 9:45am- 10:30pm at Chessel Centre, BS3 Community, Jasper room, Chessel Street, Bristol BS3 3DN

I am piloting this class due to DanceMums many requests as once your babies are older and start moving around, it is a totally different game at DanceMums. It has been running successfully for 5 months now.

We will do a dance routine with them eventually, but before that I will introduce them to dancing shapes, levels, directions, creative movement, basically all the main dance elements.

This class is not only for you, but for both of you where your toddler is entertained and challenged to work with you and others as a team.

It is a preparation to creative movement dance class. It is a class to nurture your child’s creativity and curiosity, while gently introducing them to dance and movement.

This is a great class to strengthen your mama/papa and toddler bond. We will do a lot of contemporary movement, you need to be open minded, participate and be ready to get sweaty. This class is shorter and without a hot drink at the end.

What happens in class and what is the focus?

  1. We are focusing on parent and child mutual bond, understanding that team work is very important,
  2. Musicality, we are playing with mainly instrumental music and Svetlana’s shamanic drum is present every class. We learn basic tempos and counts.
  3. Dimensions, directions, tempo, levels and 8 dance points around yourself at the very least. Just basics of dance elements for you and your little ones to help them learn what they are capable of on the dance floor and to be more aware of how to use their body freely and creatively.
  4. Imagery. Huge focus on this aspect again to ensure we nurture imagination in both yours and your child’s mind!
  5. Freedom of expression: we are huge on supporting your child’s ideas, movement ideas you and your child bring to class! We are here to nurture, inspire and support you and your child!
  6. Play and fun. This classes are not about coping and mimicking the adult or the teacher, these classes aim to take your toddler through the fun process of learning and experiencing what dance and movement is all about!

“Svetlana’s classes are so fun for mums and kids. Over the course of 6 weeks it has been wonderful to see my toddler explore different concepts, explore and have fun with movement. And great exercise for me too!” Kathryn


We have limited spaces only.

Did you know that Svetlana was recognised in Bristol Post as one of the 21 wonderful unsung heroes in our midst who make our city a more welcoming place in 2018? BRISTOL HAPPY LIST 2018

Not all heroes wear capes, but all of them make Bristol a better place for you and me. Svetlana Ovsyannikova, Founder, OvDa dance company “Through her Dance Mums classes, she inspires new mums to socialise, exercise, stay positive about their new bodies and lives, and bond with their babies. Svetlana also organises family-friendly professional level performances, where Bristol parents can bring their babies and children to enjoy their first dance and theatre experiences.”

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