DanceMums Mondays 10:30am -11:30am at the Wildgoose space

08 Jan


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DanceMums Mondays at Wildgoose space, St. Werburghs, 228 Mina Rd, BS2 9YP

DanceMums 7th Nov 2019, 7 weeks term dates are here!

Did you know that Svetlana was recognised in Bristol Post as one of the 21 wonderful unsung heroes in our midst who make our city a more welcoming place in 2018? BRISTOL HAPPY LIST 2018

Not all heroes wear capes, but all of them make Bristol a better place for you and me. Svetlana Ovsyannikova, Founder, OvDa dance company “Through her Dance Mums classes, she inspires new mums to socialise, exercise, stay positive about their new bodies and lives, and bond with their babies. Svetlana also organises family-friendly professional level performances, where Bristol parents can bring their babies and children to enjoy their first dance and theatre experiences.”

   When: Mondays 7th Nov to Monday 19th Dec 2019

7 sessions all together= £59.50 (Paypal fee applies), drop in fee £10

Mondays 10:30am-11:30noon at Ashley Vale Action Group and Wildgoose Space

      What is DanceMums? Dance Mums is a 60-minute fitness class that caters for your fitness, social life and your babies’ happiness in just one weekly session!

      Dance Mums Bristol is a fun and active class for mums to bring their babies.

This class is suitable for all abilities, shapes and sizes. No previous dance experience needed. You can do as much or as little as suits you.

DanceMums is not only about dancing about, it is so much more – it the class which takes care of your overall wellbeing in just 60 minutes and you always leave refreshed and energised!

This is a class for You- MAMA, spend some time doing more gentle abs, more balance, more core strength, more upper and lower body strength and lots of stretching and learn new fun dance routines including HITT and Bachata dance.

The class is carefully structured so you can take care of your baby while working out- no stress involved. There are no strict rules, enjoy meeting new mums friends and babies during 60 mins while you move.

Learn a few dance routines and enjoy a nice cup of tea afterwards.

There’s be lots of toning up movements, stretches, and some new dance routines including Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Russian Folk, Salsa, African dance, Rock & Roll and many more.

We are so proud to receive so many 5 star reviews, just a few for you to read here:

Review 1 of 60 from 2017:

“Dance mums is a really friendly class. Svetlana is really warm and welcoming and encourages everyone to say hello to one another at the start of each class and finishes each class with the option to stay for a cup of tea and chat.

This is a lovely idea as some baby groups can be a daunting experience for a new mum to try alone & Svetlana stops everyone being shy. I am rubbish at dancing but enjoy trying the movements and there is never any pressure to be great at dancing, it’s just quite fun and good to do exercise.

I have tried other mum & baby exercise classes which were a waste of time for me as my baby would often cry or get bored therefore stopping me finishing the class. However at Dance Mums you can hold your baby, pretty much throughout which I find keeps my baby smiling and the weight of holding him I hope helps me do more exercise.” Melanie

Review 2 of 60 from 2017:

“Had my first dance mums session today and I loved it! Not only was it a wonderful opportunity to bond with baby I also got to excercsie and learn some new moves! I felt like the old Michelle, the Michelle before children! Left feeling stretched and relieved. Especially loved the mediation time at the end ❤️” Michelle

Review 3 of 60 from 2017:

“Dance Mums was such a joy for me and my daughter. It was a rare opportunity to take a breath and stretch my body in a way that I hadn’t had the opportunity to since before my baby was born. My daughter loved playing on the mats with the toys and I swear her urge to boogie was nurtured through these classes! Svetlana is a Mum legend and made me feel cared for and that being a Mum doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing (to some good tunes too!)
Thanks Dance Mums!” Debbie
Review 4 of 60 from 2017:

“Dance Mums is my (and Alfie’s) favourite part of the week. It’s the only baby class that I have stuck with – and I’m already dreading the day I have to stop going because of going back to work. Svetlana is such a warm, friendly and kind person! She really puts you at ease and creates an environment where the bubbas are chilled. But most importantly, you get to dance. I love Thursday mornings.” Kari

Check out what other locations and times we offer for this term: https://ovdadance.com/shop/

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