Welcome to Dance Mums

This is a fitness and dance class for parents with their babies 8 weeks till 2 years old with one adult present.

Get back into shape while having a great time exploring musicality and new moves with your baby in this class.

Mums and Toddlers of Bristol! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could combine the fun of a night out, a playdate for your toddler and getting your body back into one 60 minute session? Dance Mums is a 60-minute fitness class that caters for your fitness, social life and your toddlers’ movement development in just one weekly session!
You get to boogie whilst toning your whole body and meeting a new bunch of fun mummy friends!
Dance Mums Bristol is a newly developed fun and active class for mums to bring their babies. This class is suitable for all abilities, shapes and sizes. No previous dance experience needed! You can do as much or as little as suits you. There’s be lots of toning up movements, stretches, and some new dance routines including Contemporary Dance, vernacular Jazz, Russian Folk, social Salsa, African dance… etc.









Dance mums is a really friendly class. Svetlana is really warm and welcoming and encourages everyone to say hello to one another at the start of each class & finishes each class with the option to stay for a cup of tea & chat. This is a lovely idea as some baby groups can be a daunting experience for a new mum to try alone & Svetlana stops everyone being shy. I am rubbish at dancing but enjoy trying the movements and there is never any pressure to be great at dancing, it’s just quite fun and good to do exercise. I have tried other mum & baby exercise classes which were a waste of time for me as my baby would often cry or get bored therefore stopping me finishing the class, however at Dance Mums you can hold your baby, pretty much throughout which I find keeps my baby smiling and the weight of holding him I hope helps me do more exercise.” Melanie on 12 July 2018
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