What is OvDa Dance Company?

OvDa is a dance heart and soul here and now in Bristol. OvDa is the dance company which educates, promotes and inspires dance to each and everyone around.

But OvDa is mainly Svetlana and her everlasting energy and love for movement and dance education. Svetlana is a Russian born dancer, who has been in dance training ever since she was 6, she is also a linguists and speaks Russian, Mandarin and English, also a mother of two wonderful children, also a wife and so much more. Most of all for OvDa, Svetlana has a vision to currently focus on helping people to find and spark joy with the language of dance. She loves to set challenges for herself and others and achieving them. She loves you to simply dance and get better at it and with your emotional state.

Through the creation of her own unique dance style Svetlana Ovsyannikova is emerging as an acclaimed, new and exciting choreographer of unique visual arts performance, which is always thought provoking, engaging and stimulating.

As a professional dancer, certified in the highly sought-after Simonson teacher’s contemporary dance technique with BA in Dance from QUNY, NY, Svetlana works with all ages of individuals interested in dancing, from competent and professional dancers to those taking their first steps. She has developed a professional approach to dance which promotes a fun and exciting environment whilst ensuring personal development and enjoyment.

You can now pay online for any of our amazing Tiny Steps shows, Dance Mums classes, creative movement dance for both parent and toddler classes, bespoke wedding dance choreography and education; or professional level contemporary dance classes, etc.  Just click buy now and we will take you to our new online shop! If you can’t find what you are looking for, simply email Svetlana here: svetlana.ovsyannikova1@gmail.com